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Hello everybody!

Tourists visiting from all over the world, is the introduction of the popular gourmet spot Tokyo “Tsukiji market.”

I will teach you at once the point of the Tsukiji market, which has been visiting every year.

Tsukiji market for the first time to you

From ABCs of Tsukiji Fish Market

Specialty store of 1000 or more stores are gathered a total area called “Jo-nai(stadium)” and “Jo-gai(off-site)” closer soon from Ginza, Tsukiji market is a “theme park and fish food.”

And “Jo-gai” is
Atmosphere at the end of the year and Ameyoko is similar. If you’re a beginner, you may enjoy the feeling of the end of the year to go to visit here once.
Are in this area home of Terry’s, omelet shop also “MaruTakeshi”.

However, I do not go to this area rarely.
Because, because I think the best part of Tsukiji market real, and is said to be in a “Jo-nai”.


The “Jo-nai” is

Yes or surrounding goods and market fish and vegetable, and gourmet dining professional, it is a place where professionals, such as retail stores and restaurants and supermarkets comes to buying.

Those who go for the first time, might be quite confusing, and I can use what just fine on our amateur if you observe the rules properly.
Some people you have misunderstood that it should not be entered Nakaniwa, since it can be shopping in comfort without any problem at all, by all means, please try to challenge!

7:00 in the morning,
I will enter the stadium from here about. Is Umiko Hashiguchi.

There is the entrance and some (unclear) and market Hashikado (danger car at most after entering) main gate, but there is Katsuobushi-ya (Matsumura) ‘s on the right side, may take scent because the filled here I like.

And, I think to Haragoshirae a little shopping before, who from here is something close.

Well, it is to watch out here.
Please be aware because it is may be just a little bit, the fact that the world of for a professional ahead from here.

It is this in particular,


I say “Thale”, this vehicle. It is electric bicycle-drawn cart that middle trader to carry luggage.

This Thale has run pounding the most comprehensive venue.

It does not sound something horn! Disturbing pedestrian is pushed by hand. In silence.
It’s smelled as the engine is up the beat, let the eyes exhaust gas a long time ago, but does not notice that it comes from the rear electric is on the rise.

Please be careful enough not to make any accident. Hall is to think Thale is priority than the pedestrian.


Before you go to the market, you can buy things of you’re looking to go buildings around it (Building 1-10), I will first Haragoshirae.

First of dumplings favorite, “Mosukedango” family is. Is located in Building 1 dumpling.


It is a real dumpling that does not spoil.
And I’m a long-established industry of dumpling that sells in luxury and super Sakagami and Kinokuniya.

Skewer dumplings Tsubuan is a staple of my home. There is no sweet as my wife amazing red bean paste.
That became a model music was a big hit of “dumpling three brothers ♪”, is actually dumpling of this mosque.
If you look at the real thing, you should think I can! “Doo be ho”.

By the way, one Yoshinoya beef bowl shop of that is open to fine now in the two doors of the store.


Original beef bowl, “Yoshinoya”!
Also did not have time to Yoshinoya beef bowl of mad cow disease in the national turmoil of the United States, only here I was taking out the beef bowl (domestic cattle) firmly.


Heading to the left direction while looking in the right hand Yoshinoya, appearance, such as the estate old two-story (4-9 Building) is lined.

Like the shop, it is a good souvenir of Tsukiji. I see the sight of foreign tourists are also often used.

The eye-catching conspicuously in Building 8, the two restaurants. Bowl of seafood as “Oedo” and “Naka-ka”.
I think that we should eat at least once. Bowl of seafood here.

2 restaurants with amazing matrix.

Now, do you want to choose a shop which would you?

Both eaves both delicious.
But, I like “Naka-ka” Mr. Suffice it to say.

I love the raw sea urchin here! !
Taste of sea urchin when I was so thick, I knew in this store.
I choose the “sea urchin and tuna-Nakaochi bowl” this time.
Also extra-large raw oysters on the side menu, oysters overflows from the mouth.


Now, we can enter into the fish market!


Type of wholesalers is divided by type of fish.
It is such as tuna salmon roe professional expertise, professional kneaded, whitebait and small fish expert, inshore fish, pelagic fish, shrimp, whales, and dried fish,.

Depending on the type of fish you want, but I was going to choose a shop.

In my case,
Walk the market with feeling things you buy because it routinely, and that will buy appropriately if there are bargains to way to go there.

Caveat that it is not in a narrow passage Tachidomara.
Become an obstacle to traffic, it will be absolutely annoying.
At the same, let’s shoes, such as non-slip ground so we always wet feet.


The What a relic of naval bases.
Floor of Pinkoro will slip in surprisingly smooth.

My classic,
Speaking of paste gem, synonymous with Tsukiji “Tsukugon” It is (No. 5015).

Fisherman called “Gonzaburo” of Tsukuda-island that had been dedicate the fish in the Edo Shogun is, founded 1868 the “Tsukugon”.
Since then, protect the old-fashioned recipe, it tells the now totally without additive fresh ingredients.


There are shops The “Tsukugon”,also Jo-gai.

But, the price is cheap it is the Jo-nai.


Oden species must be bought by the kilo, but it does not matter if frozen.
My son story and put a paste gem of Tsukugon, soup Oden becomes extremely well.
Every year, I will get here a rolled omelet and fish cake red and white.

Than usual, tuna seems to be higher this year. Raw tuna seems to be nearly two times the last year in particular. In retail.


We , the people I is sufficient frozen tuna . Bluefin tuna Nantes does not say luxury . Bigeye is the highest .


It is delicious to eat and bake just salt and pepper fish oven . This kiln .



Sea urchin and crab It is the food of this time .



This , do you know what ?


                                            ↑ Is a whale .


Tuna expert middle trader specializes business category largest number in Tsukiji .



Again , tuna but I was a star of the fish .
Shop business category is divided by the freezing and raw tuna .



There was also a shop that sells in such a form to the consumer , the fence frozen .


Shirasu shop . The pinched by hand Nde tasting freely . Price tag is 1 kg per , but it is available for purchase from 500 g .
Savoy Jaco OK shelf life if frozen .


Which is subsequently ,It is one of my favorite .
Head of tuna meat . Is ” Noten ” .
Only rod-shaped does not take only two slightly from one head .
I think a fishmonger ordinary supermarkets and is not sold probably .

I eat in the sashimi .

Fat is riding as large Toro , yet it is not as lengthy silky . The Masu melts in the mouth .
People who ate ” Noten ” will become addicted to the charm maybe !

Come on!
Main ingredients of Tsukiji , tuna !


” Yanamata” It is the ( 4149 ) ‘s .
In fact, it is a shop here , of my childhood friend .
From generation to generation , shops He is engaged in the specialty frozen tuna in Tsukiji .
This is not a big shop but never , sushi and Japanese food stores are familiar with a lot , it is a very serious shop .

In the case of frozen tuna , so hard to understand the glue of fat If you are frozen , it is put in the shop is to extract the edge of the body in this way .


To hear the weight and part of the order , we will cut with a saw cleanly .ウッドデッキプランナーのカイテキ手作り生活!



While a small talk with me , and cut to the fence tuna .ウッドデッキプランナーのカイテキ手作り生活!

3 kg have also put a lot of cut a lot .

And , I had plenty of ” Noten ” a bonus .

Once you can do even thawing method of frozen tuna , tuna you can have bright color knotter of fat .
Shelf life also , and will be very pleased when you Osusowake in your neighborhood .
To be so different? With lean local supermarket , you can feel utterly !

Yes , this street booty this time !



I have also purchased thickness baked egg Hiroshima and oyster production .
It was away from the Tsukiji , it was 8:30 .

By the way, thick baked egg , I recommend my Building 8 of this is ” YamaYu ” .


Yamayu is your home that beautiful leg announcer , Yamagishi Mai casters moved to NTV ” NEWS ZERO ” NHK ” Sports Saturday ” and ” Sunday Sports ” .
Than ” Dasada ” than ” MaruTake” ‘s than ” Daimago ” ‘s ! I think taste here is the most delicious .
※ The number of 4 digits are placed on the side of your shop name is the address number of the Tsukiji Fish Market in .



Tsukiji map


Become a look at , please try to check the location .


By the way, recently ,
Says the person who has been coming to the store to look at this blog to his childhood friend ” Yanagimata ” has been increasing .
The Speaking ! ” Saw blog craftsman ” , and be willing to service ? !

Point , around 45 minutes from 8:00 to 8:00 too early without going to too much time ,
It is to call out in a wind timing work has settled down .

I am a closed prepare to another at 9 .



Do not try to eat in less than half the market price, the tuna was topped fat taste bright colors this dark!


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It’s nice when you can click.
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Tsukiji Fish Market is not only tuna

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